Breath Alcohol Testing

Onsite breath alcohol testing is conducted using high quality breathalysers designed for workplace and law enforcement use. These breathalysers are regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy to Australian Standard AS 3547.



Donors provides identification and information is recorded.


Donor reads consent information and signature is provided if agreeable.


Donor provides sample of breath.

Onsite Results

Breath alcohol tester displays digital reading of results which are recorded in permanent record system.

If Required

Should the onsite result be above the site or workplace limit, additional testing is conducted in line with the Company's AOD policy.

Australian Standard AS 3547

Australian Standard AS 3547 (Breath alcohol testing devices) forms the minimum standard for breathalysers.

Unlike the Oral Fluid Drug Testing Standard – AS/NZS 4760 (Procedure for specimen collection and the detection and quantification of drugs in oral fluid) and the Urine Drug Testing Standard – AS/NZS 4308 (Procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantitation of drugs of abuse in urine), AS 3547 does not specify how the testing should be conducted but rather the accuracy and physical lab testing requirements of the device.

Need an alcohol testing solution for your workplace?

We are here to help!

Personal Breath Alcohol Testing

Setting a new benchmark in personal breath alcohol testing, the Alcotest 4000 offers personal users the accuracy of professional breath alcohol testers without the large size or price tag!

The Alcotest 4000 is the only AS 3547:2019 certified personal breath alcohol tester and offers a long 12 month calibration interval. In stock and available now from Relevant Drug Testing Solutions.

Note: the Alcotest 4000 device is designed for personal use only and is not recommended for workplace testing.

Workplace Breathalyser

When accuracy and value combine you get the Alcotest 6000. Offering both active (blow into) and passive (talk into) modes this is the perfect workplace breathalyser. 

The Alcotest 6000 breath alcohol testing device is made by Dräger in Germany and has over 65 years of breath alcohol testing knowledge packed into this compact and easy to use device. The display provides clear instructions to assist novice users. With a long 12 month calibration interval and data logging + download capability, the measuring technology of this small and user-friendly portable measuring device has already been proven worldwide and has been sold over 1,000,000 times.

Professional Breathalyser

The Alcotest 7000 sets new standards in breath alcohol testing. Its benefits include a wider temperature- and measuring range, low maintenance requirements and various networking options. In addition, the device can perform active alcohol tests via a mouthpiece and passive tests via a funnel. Reliable alcohol tests have never been so fast, simple and efficient.

With increased performance capacity, the Alcotest 7000 also includes its measurement range. The maximum blood-alcohol limit that can be set with this alcohol testing device is as high as 0.600 g/210L. If this measurement range limit is exceeded, the display will tell you.