Workplace Drug Testing

Our Accredited AOD Technicians will come to you!


We offer professional workplace drug testing in Australia. If you workplace requires onsite drug and alcohol testing, our accredited AOD Technicians will come personally and assist!

Onsite drug testing is essential in order to ensure a safe and alcohol-free environment. We offer a range of Drug and Alcohol Testing methods in the workplace, to learn more – please click on the test type below.

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Utilising the latest electronic drug detection equipment.

Urine Drug Testing

A cost effective option for pre-employment testing.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Conducted using AS 3547 certified breath testing equipment.

Hair Drug / Alcohol Testing

For the longest detection period.

Surface Drug Testing

Perfect for offices, lunch rooms, company vehicles and lockers.

Synthetic Drug Testing

With a wide range of "designer drugs" on the market. We can detect most.

Laboratory Confirmation

Conducted by NATA Accredited Referral Laboratories.

Alcohol Self Testing

Either voluntary or integrated in access control systems.

Types of Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Testing


Conducted before a potential worker joins your organisation.


Conducted on any worker, at any time – during working hours.


Conducted after an incident, accident or near miss.


When there are concerns about a workers “fitness for work”.


Everyone onsite is tested.

Return To Work

Following a positive test result and before the worker returns to duties.


Following a breach of policy / procedure to ensure the worker remains compliant.

Alcohol Self Testing

For workers to test themselves before commercing their shift.

Not sure which testing is best for your workplace?

Tossing up between oral fluid and urine for your workplace drug testing program?

Are you considering workplace drug testing? If so, you may be wondering about the different types of drug testing available. The two most common methods are oral fluid testing and urine testing.

Oral fluid drug testing, also known as saliva testing, is a non-invasive and convenient method of workplace drug testing. It involves collecting a sample of saliva from the mouth using a collection device, which is then inserted into the test kit for onsite analysis. Oral fluid testing can detect drug use up to a few days, depending on the specific drug and usage frequency. For employers who need to conduct random, incident or cause drug tests, oral fluid testing may be a more convenient and less invasive option than urine testing.

Urine testing, on the other hand, has been around longer than oral fluid drug testing. It can detect drug use up to a several days to a few weeks, depending on the specific drug and usage frequency. While it may be more cumbersome to collect and transport the sample over oral fluid testing, it is still a widely used method of drug testing due to its lower cost per test.

Both oral fluid testing and urine testing have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to workplace drug testing.

Ultimately, the choice of workplace drug testing method will depend on the specific needs and circumstances of the employer. Consult our expert drug testing professionals to determine which method is best for your needs.