Drug & Alcohol Management Programs (DAMP)

A turn key solution to make your workplace safer

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This timeline is designed to provide a basic implementation timeframe which is applicable to most sized organisations. Should you wish for a customised timeline for your organisation, please ask your account manager.

Week 1: Appoint Relevant Drug Testing Solutions as Drug & Alcohol Management Program service provider.


Week 2: Gather required information and Relevant prepare first draft of Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy and Procedure.


Week 3: Initial review of Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy and Procedure documentation.


Week 4: Second draft of Policy and Procedure provided to client. Documents distributed for employee feedback. Site contacts and details provided to Relevant.


Weeks 5 & 6: Commence Employee Education and Awareness Training Sessions. Seek employee feedback on draft Policy and Procedure Feedback.


Week 7: Finalise Policy and Procedure.


Week 8: Go live with random alcohol and other drug testing.


Week 12: Review first months DAMP with client.


Week 20: Review first quarters DAMP with client.


End of Year 1: Annual DAMP review with client.


Policy and procedure development

Developing policy and procedure documentation that is compliant, protects your organisation and works in the “real world” is crucial to any drug testing program. Our expert policy writers help businesses all over Australia every year, no matter your industry, we can help!

Education and training

When employees are equipped with the knowledge to better monitor their use of AOD, with health and safety in mind, the benefits for your workplace are obvious.

Workplace drug and alcohol testing

Our team of Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) testing Technicians can come to your workplaces right across Australia to perform a range of AOD tests as required under your Policy and Procedure.

24/7 callout and advice service

Our callout and advice service is availble 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Breathalyser service and calibration

Relevant’s experienced and reliable service team are able to ensure your alcohol breath testing equipment is performing as it should, 365 days a year.

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