Alcotest 6000 Handheld Breathalyser with Case


Designed for workplace and industry testing, the Alcotest 6000 offers fast and accurate results in a compact device.

• Australian Standards AS 3547:2019 Certified

• Active (blow) and Passive (talk into) testing options

• Includes convenient carry case with quick reference guide

• 12 monthly calibration interval

• Unlimited tests between calibrations

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Accurate breath alcohol testing

The tried and tested 1/4" electro-chemical sensor in the Alcotest 6000 is distinguished by its very fast response times and a long service life. It operates with extreme precision and reliability. The analysis is reliable even at temperatures of -5 to +50 °C.

The sensor also delivers reliable results quickly in case of a high alcohol content, for both active and passive measurements.

Ready when you are

The device is ready to use within seconds. This means that you can perform an (active) test on a subject at any time. It is also possible to measure alcohol in the ambient air (passive), in which case a mouthpiece isn‘t required.

All functions required for a measurement are activated with the convenient blue OK button, while two menu buttons are used for navigation.

Hygenic testing

The sophisticated product design meets the requirements for performing the breath alcohol test quickly, easily and hygienically: The shape of the mouthpiece allows you to intuitively fit it correctly, even in the dark.

The Alcotest 6000 is ready to use again immediately after changing the mouthpiece. Furthermore, attempts at obstruction are consistently rejected by the device: The air outlet cannot be closed, foiling any attempts to manipulate the device when giving a breath sample.

A spacer on the mouthpiece keeps the lips of the person being tested from coming into contact with the device’s housing. The spacer can also be used as a mouthpiece ejector if necessary. Mouthpieces with a non-return valve are also available upon request.

The Alcotest Hygiene Plus

Hygiene is an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. Dräger Alcotest alcohol breath testing devices use non-invasive measuring technologies with a high degree of hygiene for both the user as well as the donor – thanks to the following features:

  • During testing, the exhaled air is directed past rather than through the device
  • There is a 90° angle between the user and the test subject during testing
  • Disposable mouthpiece is individually packaged

Benefits of the Alcotest mouthpieces

  • Safe, hygienic distance between user and test subject
  • Spacer prevents direct contact between lips and device
  • Mouthpiece is easy to remove
  • The optional non-return valve prevents inhalation of air through mouthpiece

Technicial Specifications

Measuring principle

Electrochemical DrägerSensor in 1/4” technology; alcohol specific

Measuring range

0.000 to 0.500 g/210L

If measurement range limit is exceeded, a message is displayed.

Testing Modes

Active: automatic sampling via mouthpiece

Passive: sampling without mouthpiece


Australian Standard AS 3547:2019

Calibration Requirements

Every 12 months per Australian Standard AS 3547:2019 requirements

Unlimited number of tests can be conducted between calibrations

Ready for use

Approx. 2 seconds after switching on

Display of measurement result

After approx. 3 seconds (at 0.000 g/210L, room temperature)

Operating temperature

-5 to +50 °C


Graphic backlit LCD display with 2 x coloured LEDs, to support display of results and warning messages

Data logging

Storage of last 500 tests with test numbers, date and time

Data dowloads

Via micro USB Cable and the optional Alcotest 6000 download software

Power supply

1 x CR123A Battery

Charge level indicator in display

With one battery up to 1,500 breath alcohol tests can be performed

Dimensions & weight

Approx. 60 x 141 x 31 mm /  approx. 150 grams incl. battery

Included With Your Purchase

1 x Alcotest 6000 Breath Alcohol Testing Device

1 x High Visibility Wrist Strap

1 x Alcotest Carry Case

3 x Alcotest Professional Series Mouthpieces